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Broadband Internet
High-speed, reliable, and affordable internet. We offer up to three times more speed at a lower cost than competitors with the most advanced Internet connections available.

Crystal clear, affordable phone. We offer unlimited local and long-distance calling, with standard features like three-way calling, caller ID, call waiting, and voice mail.

Dependable, affordable Television. We offer the greatest variety of channels, along with whole-home DVR, and WatchTVEverywhere. You can watch shows and movies on your schedule, and stream programming to your favorite device.

Internet, Telephone, & Television  - You Choose

As a wholly owned subsidiary of North Arkansas Electric Cooperative; NEXT, Powered by NAEC is committed to deploy state-of-the-art Fiber Optic technology to every member in our service area. When fully deployed, we will have installed almost 4,500 miles of fiber and have the capability to serve almost 36,000 member accounts.

With a minimum speed of 100Mbps up AND down, NEXT is proud to serve our friends and neighbors with a better technology platform than is found in many major metropolitan cities.

All of this will be created by folks you know and trust. Our parent company, NAEC, has served the needs of our members for the past 80 years. NEXT, Powered by NAEC is a local company that is focused on each subscriber and their residential/business needs. 

Those who get two services receive a $6 discount. Those who get all three – internet, telephone and television – receive a $12 discount.